Youth Climate Impact Project



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Create a Climate Impact Project with Support from GenEarth

For youth climate groups, campus eco-clubs & individuals activists

Step-by-step program for busy students to innovate creative solutions for the climate crisis

Training to design & implement a climate project to make a difference in your community Program co-created by youth activists, life-long activists & learning experts Honoring youth autonomy, empowerment & vision

Increasing Youth Impact

& Amplifying Youth Voices

Youth Climate Impact Project Training

Winter-Spring 2023

Step-by-step program for busy students to innovate creative solutions for the climate crisis

Informative, actionable learning to support your project development

Time-efficient online training to do at your own convenience

Training can be taken by your whole team or your group’s leads

Downloadable resources to support group meetings & events

Supporting Change-Makers

Make a positive impact on the climate crisis in your community

Action steps pathway with group guides, templates & videos

Development of leadership skills, organizing & personal growth

Members with completed project will be awarded certification

Be a part of an international youth climate community taking action together!

Youth Climate Impact Summit

Online international public event showcasing the youth impact projects, vision & action

Participant Convergence

Zoom Convergence with other participating groups for support, solidarity & celebration

Social Media Amplification

Exponentially increase visibility for your project with promotion from international orgs & climate youth groups

Enrollment in the GenEarth Youth Climate Project

Participation fee is one price for your Entire Group:


Full & Partial Scholarships are Available

The fee helps make the GenEarth Youth Climate Impact Project
& it is scholarships possible. Thank you!


GenEarth is a space for youth vision, education, and dreams to blossom.
This branch of The Sustainable Living Guide was founded by youth activists.

The Sustainable Living Guide offers online classes for the regenerative wellness of the people & the planet.

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